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How important are puppy classes?

Written by George Lygidakis on February 11, 2015


Puppy training and education is essential for a young dog , but will puppy classes fulfil your needs.

It seems that today every veterinarian or pet shop is running puppy classes. New puppy owners are told of the necessity of participation and strongly encouraged to take part in these classes.


We receive many enquiries from dog owners throughout Australia that explain to us that they know their dog is naughty because it didn’t go to puppy training classes. Or that they don’t understand why their dog in misbehaving because “we went to puppy classes”. We are also regularly told by clients who did attend puppy training that they were a waste of time and they didn’t believe they learnt anything or that they didn’t agree with the training and advice they were being given.

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The Benefits Of In-Home Dog Training

Written by Emma Tucker on November 5, 2014


Why in-home dog training is often more effective then dog obedience classes.


Confused about whether to go to classes or have a trainer come to you? This is personal decision and there are certainly benefits to both. Here are some good reasons why in-home dog training or having a trainer come to you is often the most effective and easiest way to establish a solid foundation and create the dog you want, one you will enjoy living with, both at home and out and about.
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Keeping Children Safe Around Your Dogs

Written by Emma Tucker on October 22, 2014


This article offers some simple and practical advice on how to keep your home environment safe for children if you live with a dog.


Ensuring children’s safety (both your own and those visiting) around family dogs is paramount and should be taken very seriously. We all hear how many children are bitten by the family dog. Unfortunately, all too often these incidents occur simply through lack of understanding of dog psychology and dog behaviour. Most incidents could have been avoided through proper education and avoiding the anthropomorphic social culture that now exists around dogs.

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Why Does My Dog Eat it’s Own Poo?

Written by Emma Tucker on October 17, 2014


If you happen to have a dog or puppy who eats their own poo, help is at hand! There are several reasons this could be happening.  In my experience addressing them all seems to work well. There are, of course, some dogs who don’t seem to have a reason at all!  Here are some ideas to consider that we have found highly successful.
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How Frequently Should You Vaccinate Your Dog?

Written by Emma Tucker on October 14, 2014


One of the most hotly debated topics today is human vaccination, but many people don’t realize that some controversy exists over pet vaccinations as well. For more than 30 years, it has been common practice for veterinarians to vaccinate puppies and kittens during their first four months of life and give them booster shots every year afterward.
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How To Stop Your Dog Barking

Written by George Lygidakis on October 8, 2014


While some barking is natural and healthy behaviour for dogs, when it’s done in excess it usually means that there is an underlying cause of stress which is driving this behaviour to unhealthy levels. In other words, the excess barking is usually the symptom rather than the cause, and to stop it, we need to identify the source of the issue and shift this rather than just focus on the barking itself.
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