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Anna discusses her dog Chips and teaching Dog Tricks

How important is teaching your dog tricks really?

Hi, Anna here from SitDropStay Dog Training Melbourne.

I want to introduce you to the newest edition to my family.

On Anzac Day we got a call from a family friend who lives out in country Victoria. They had heard about a young Kelpie pup who was hidden in some horse stables. The farmer had planned to shoot her as he no longer had a need for a young pup.

We were asked if we could take her on, to find her a new home amongst my clients. She was such a clever, sweet young pup so we decided she would be staying with us.

We named her “Chips” after an honorary dog who earned himself a Purple Heart in the war.. seemed fitting as she came to us on Anzac Day.
My clients always ask me what kind of dogs I have and often comment “they must be so well trained!”

Well yes, they are.. but probably not in the way a lot of people would expect. I haven’t taught my dogs “dog tricks”, like shake hands, play dead or even roll over. Performing dog tricks, although a cool party trick, is just not important to me.

I do expect that all of my dogs however are social, well-mannered and respectful. The things that are important to me are what I consider life skills. I want to include my dogs in all aspects of my life… be able to trust them around all people, children, other animals, come back to me when called and take anywhere without concern.

Chips came to us at 7 months of age. She lived out on a property with little socialization. The focus for us has been exposure to the things that are new to her.

I take her everywhere with me.. to meet friends who have children, dog parks, even to the gym! Chips knows that while I’m training she is to stay calmly on her bed until I’ve finished.

We receive many calls for help from owners of dogs who can sing on command, give hi 5’s, and other dog tricks but have behaviour problems such as aggression towards other dogs or jump all over guests etc.

Do your children need to be great at ballet to be successful at life? Of course not.. too often “dog training” is done in reverse.. tricks first.

At SitDropStay Dog Training we believe in laying the foundations and building the relationship first because this is what’s important.

Anna Hopkins



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