Are you raising a well-adjusted dog?


Are you selfless enough to PARENT your dog? Simply being their best mate is fun for us, but is it in your dog’s best interest? We get it, it’s super hard to say no to your dog! Those eyes! How can you resist that adorable face? You just want to love and enjoy your dog […]

Why Isn’t My Dog Listening to Me?


Try “The Pause” If your dog isn’t listening to you there is one incredibly valuable and often overlooked tool in your canine communication tool belt… The Pause. We often see humans repeating a command over and over and over again “at” their dog.. becoming more and more frustrated as they do. Sit, sit, sit, SIT!!!!! […]

Is Your Dog Excited Or Stressed?


IS YOUR DOG EXCITED OR STRESSED? – Dog Training Can Help Did you know that many dogs appear excited when they are actually feeling stressed? Like many other owners, you may be very surprised to learn that what you thought was happy behaviour is in fact your dog feeling overwhelmed or anxious!

When your dog growls at you or your kids.


What to do when your dog growls at you or the kids I recently came across a post by a large welfare organisation promoting advice on dog behaviour, specifically what to do if your dog growls at you or your kids. The heading read: “Never tell off a dog for growling. A dog won’t bite […]

Does Ignoring Bad Behaviour Work?


Ignoring Unwanted Behaviour – Does It Work? This continues to be an area of confusion for many owners, and no wonder, for the answer can be yes OR no! It depends on the situation. Let’s use the example of a dog who jumps all over you when you get home or when you go outside. My […]

My dog goes crazy when I have visitors!

Dog-training jpg

Does your dog go into crazy overdrive when guests come over? We see this often, with symptoms ranging from barking, growling, biting, hiding, demanding attention, jumping up and licking, to racing around showing off. It can be stressful both for you and your dog! Here are some tips to help you understand why they may […]

Can You Say “No” To Your Dog?


We are hearing from many of our clients that that they were told in puppy classes that they are not allowed to say “no” to their dogs. By the time we get to these poor clients their dogs are out of control and often display ADHD symptoms. These owners are offered no way to stop […]

Why Is My Dog Chewing Things They Shouldn’t?


One of the questions we are regularly asked is ” How do I stop my dog chewing shoes? I tell him off when I find the shoes all chewed up, and I know he knows what he’s done is naughty, but he keeps doing it.”

Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs

Ensuring children’s safety (both your own and those visiting) around family dogs is paramount and should be taken very seriously. We all hear how many children are bitten by the family dog. Unfortunately, all too often these incidents occur simply through lack of understanding of dog psychology and dog behaviour. Most incidents could have been […]

Why Does My Dog Eat it’s Own Poo?

If you happen to have a dog or puppy who eats their own poo, help is at hand! There are several reasons this could be happening.  In my experience addressing them all seems to work well. There are, of course, some dogs who don’t seem to have a reason at all!  Here are some ideas […]

How To Stop Your Dog Barking

While some barking is natural and healthy behaviour for dogs, when it’s done in excess it usually means that there is an underlying cause of stress which is driving this behaviour to unhealthy levels. In other words, the excess barking is usually the symptom rather than the cause, and to stop it, we need to […]

How To Stop Your Dog Jumping

A very common issue that we are asked to address is how to stop a dog from jumping up, either on the owner or on others. Dogs mostly jump up when they are already excited, such as when you go outside, when you get home, when you start to play, or when guests come over. […]

Should I Take my Dog to a Dog Park?

I am asked by clients regularly whether they should be taking their dogs to a dog park to socialise them. In my opinion, the answer depends on several factors, and every dog and owner is different. I’m not against dog parks, they can be wonderful. But it is important to handle them with care.  Also, […]

How To Introduce Your Dog to Your Cat

I was prompted to write this article after a recent enquiry from someone whose dog had killed a friend’s cat. The caller had gone to a friend’s house with his dog and let his dog run ahead of him excitedly into the friend’s back yard. The dog, upon seeing the friends cat (already excited), rushed […]

What Is Your Dog Telling You About Who You Are

Your Dog Is Your Mirror On a recent visit to our local craft markets my partner Emma was approached by a stall holder to answer a question about his friends dog. One of my friends has a dog who is aggressive towards him.  What’s going on there? He asked. Emma replied, that’s probably how he feels […]

7 Tips To Successfully Toilet Train Your Puppy

One of the most common issues we are asked to help with when a client gets a new puppy is how to teach them to go to the toilet in one place, or learn to go outside.  Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on much else or enjoy your new pup if this […]

What is a Dog Whisperer?

With the rise in popularity of dog whispering in recent years, it seems that today every dog trainer is calling themselves a Dog Whisperer. So are there really so many dog whisperers out there, or is the term being used too loosely? While there is no doubt in my mind that dog whispering methods

7 Tips to Recognise a Genuine Dog Whisperer

In this article I give you 7 tips to help you ensure that when you are wanting to engage a Dog Whisperer to help you with your dog and any issues you may be having, you are getting what you pay for. I’m not against dog training itself, and think it can be very effective and […]

Greeting dogs – do you do “the voice”?

How many of you have witnessed normally calm, sane people (ok I admit it’s mostly us girls) suddenly change and become squeaky, high- pitched, wiggly and excited fools around dogs and puppies? It seems we are conditioned to believe this is an appropriate and preferred greeting to our smaller, furrier friends

Ways to Challenge Your Dog’s Mind and Body

“But we walk him every day!” Many clients are confused or stuck as to why their dog still seems frustrated, bored or anxious even though they are getting their daily walk and family time. What may seem like enough to you may not be enough for your dog. Exercising your dog’s muscles is one thing, but […]

Dog Behaviour – Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Does your dog have separation anxiety?  We believe this is a very misunderstood “condition” and contrary to popular belief it is reversible in most cases. If your dog, or one you know is experiencing anxiety (destructive behaviour, barking, escaping, chewing, digging, self harm, howling etc) when left alone, high chances are they fall into this […]

How To Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

As we enter summer in Australia, it’s important to remember that while humans can usually keep cool indoors, pets cannot always escape the heat with their fur coats and their naturally higher body temperature.  Here are some tips to avoid heatstroke and help make summer be more enjoyable for your pet!