When should I start training my dog?


The answer is NOW! Whatever your dog’s age – it is never too early (or too late) to start training. BUT you don’t have to wait for a special class or a specific age to begin. Maybe we need to change our understanding of what dog training actually is and what is actually required? Do […]

Puppy Carers Needed

Seeing Eye dogs are vital for those with sight impairments in order to get through life without having to struggle beyond their means. While a cane and a good set of ears are extremely helpful, nothing beats having a loyal friend with all senses intact by your side if you are visually impaired or blind.

How Important are Puppy Classes?

Puppy training and education is essential for a young dog, but will puppy classes fulfil your needs?  It seems that today every veterinarian or pet shop is running puppy classes. New puppy owners are told of the necessity of participation and strongly encouraged to take part in these classes.

Why Does My Dog Eat it’s Own Poo?

If you happen to have a dog or puppy who eats their own poo, help is at hand! There are several reasons this could be happening.  In my experience addressing them all seems to work well. There are, of course, some dogs who don’t seem to have a reason at all!  Here are some ideas […]

How To Stop Your Dog Jumping

A very common issue that we are asked to address is how to stop a dog from jumping up, either on the owner or on others. Dogs mostly jump up when they are already excited, such as when you go outside, when you get home, when you start to play, or when guests come over. […]

7 Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Dog Park

Dog parks can be great fun but they can also be trouble if not handled correctly. Personally, I’m not one to take risks when it comes to the safety and learning outcomes of my dog, and I don’t think it’s fair to compromise others by not having a dog under complete control around theirs.

8 Tips to Help You Raise and Train Your New Puppy

Congratulations on your new project! Becoming a successful canine guardian is an important and fulfilling role that requires dedication, effort and time. Like a child, your pup is totally dependent on you, physically and mentally. We are regularly asked to introduce dogs to other animals. The following are some tips to make this introduction both […]

7 Tips To Successfully Toilet Train Your Puppy

One of the most common issues we are asked to help with when a client gets a new puppy is how to teach them to go to the toilet in one place, or learn to go outside.  Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on much else or enjoy your new pup if this […]

7 Tips to Recognise a Genuine Dog Whisperer

In this article I give you 7 tips to help you ensure that when you are wanting to engage a Dog Whisperer to help you with your dog and any issues you may be having, you are getting what you pay for. I’m not against dog training itself, and think it can be very effective and […]

How Your Dog Feels About You

A good tip to keep you on track with your dog training, is to regularly ask yourself “Is my behaviour impressing my dog?” This is not only in the moment, but also an accumulative concept. How your dog feels about you is directly related to how he will respond to you. Your body language, voice, energy and […]