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Dog Behaviour Training Melbourne

Dog behaviour training in Melbourne with a holistic and psychology based approach. In-home or private personalised consults. Any problem any breed. Aggression anxiety and rehabilitation specialists.

Dog Behaviour Training Melbourne by SitDropStay

For dog behaviour training Melbourne that is guaranteed to achieve a long-term change, you need Sit Drop Stay. Our methods are super unique, and completely contrast the traditional methods of purely relying on punishment and reward.

Our experienced dog trainers and whisperers use a 100% natural and holistic approach. Understanding how our behaviours and responses as humans affect those of our dogs is absolutely integral to success. Drawing on their body language and energy, we can see how dogs respond differently to certain techniques, so we can utilise a communication approach that is fit for their personality and learning style.

Like children, all dogs are different, so it is unfair of us to expect them all to learn in the same way. Sit Drop Stay will tailor an approach to the needs of you and your dog. That’s what makes our dog behaviour training Melbourne so successful.

What You Can Expect

Dog Behaviour Training Melbourne

Once you have contacted SitDropStay, one of our Melbourne based trainers will make an introductory phone call. During this time, they will ask you some questions so they can understand exactly what you are wanting to achieve. They will then schedule in a time to come to your home, or another place where your dog spends a lot of time.

Your 2-hour training session will be tailored to your needs, so we can make the most of our time together. Many variables are taken into account during your session, such as: your lifestyle, your family members and their relationships with your dog, your dog’s temperament and the outcome you are longing to achieve.

Between one and three visits is generally all we need. If you are still experiencing issues after the third session, we offer free lifetime support via phone or email.

For dog and behaviour training Melbourne like no other in Australia, contact Sit Drop Stay. You can submit a form via our website, or call 1300 306 887 right away! Let us work with you to achieve a more successful and loving relationship with your dog.

Why Choose SitDropStay for your Dog Behaviour Training Melbourne?

We exclusively offer private dog behaviour training Melbourne sessions for our clients. While group classes offer a fantastic environment for socialising, the overstimulation does not make them one fit for learning. One-on-one sessions can be tailored to combat your specific behavioural concerns, while also easing the pressure by not having to keep up with those around you. We teach you and your dog at your pace, on your terms.

Our trainers and dog whisperers will also come to you! This not only offers a level of convenience, but a much higher rate of rapid success. By training in an environment that your dog is familiar with, they will automatically be more engaged. There are simply too many sites, smells and potential new friends in unfamiliar places.

At Sit Drop Stay, we guarantee you’ll notice the results of our dog behaviour training Melbourne after just one session.


Our Dog Training Behaviour Process

We start out with an introductory phone consultation with our Melbourne-based dog trainers, who will ask you some preliminary questions to find out what your individual needs are.

Our trainer will come out to your home, or other place of your choosing, to conduct an initial one on one session with you and your dog that is tailored to your specific needs. Taking into consideration your current lifestyle, who else is in the family, your dog’s temperament and the outcome that you want to achieve they will put together a formula that’s right just for you.

If further consultations are required we will come back and address any continuing issues and ensure that you have all the tools you need for a rewarding relationship with your dog based on loving leadership and true connection.


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