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Dog Behaviour Training


Dog Behaviour Training

In home and private dog behaviour training and rehabilitation with a holistic dog whisperer based approach. Any problem, any age. Results Guaranteed.

Why Dog Behaviour Training?

If you’re struggling with dog behaviour issues, you have come to the right place. And you’re not alone! Dogs can bring endless amounts of joy, and they can also bring unexpected levels of stress – what happened to that adorable dog you thought you had? Let SitDropStay Dog Behaviour Training get you back to that happy place so you and your dog can enjoy life, and each other, as much as possible. Isn’t that why you got a dog in the first place?

We succeed where others have failed

A dog is never too old, too set in its ways, too stubborn, too dumb, too smart or untrainable. Missed puppy school? No problem. Have a rescued, abused or neglected dog? Again, we can help. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to regularly fix problem and unstable dog behaviour when other trainers and methods have been unsuccessful, even when symptoms seem severe or where medication has been prescribed.

We are Dog Behaviour Training Specialists

SitDropStay dog behaviour specialists are leaders in both dog and owner education. We offer a unique dog behaviour modification system that allows us to achieve outstanding results in a very short time, usually within just one or two sessions. Our methods are natural and simple, creating harmony and co-operation between humans and dogs. Our team of specialists excel in their ability to identify and address the core issues at their source, allowing behaviours in both dogs and owners to change easily and permanently.

Happy, stress-free dogs equal happy stress-free owners

Our belief is that only when we have a deep understanding of the human-dog emotional connection can we move beyond simply “training” dogs and start to genuinely understand and have influence on dog behaviour. As humans, we often unnecessarily focus on “training” to improve dog behaviour because we haven’t had the opportunity to learn that they reflect our own thoughts, behaviour, emotional energy and state of mind.

Our dogs offer us the gift of understanding ourselves through our relationship with them. They are our emotional and energetic reflection. To ask them to change, we must first be prepared to change. For example, when we present our dogs with behaviour that demonstrates weakness, or if we hold negative emotions, we create dominance or anxiety in them as they ‘balance’ this energy and fill the void. When we present them the gift of calm, confident and powerful behaviour and positive emotion, we create a passive, peaceful state in their mind, and an instinctive willingness to cooperate. Your emotional, mental and spiritual state of mind has a profound effect on your dog. It is fascinating and enlightening when we discover that we were often unknowingly creating or supporting some (if not most) of the behaviours we are trying to change.

These are the kind of dog behaviour issues we help every day:

  • Excessive barking.
  • Destructive chewing.
  • Dog aggression.
  • People aggression.
  • Lead pulling.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Begging.
  • Chasing.
  • Jumping up on people.
  • Mouthing, nipping and biting.
  • Digging.
  • Anxiety.

Consultations tailored to your needs

We recognise that every dog and every family is different. We are here to work with you, not to judge you or force our beliefs or opinions on how you ‘should” raise or live with your dog. Our job is to explain why things are the way they currently are and then to give you options on how to achieve your desired outcomes. It is ultimately up to you what you choose to change or implement.

We have built our reputation on consistently providing outstanding service and outcomes so you can be confident that you and your dog are in experienced and caring hands.

SitDropStay Dog Training Locations

We offer Dog Training in the following cities.

Our Pricing

A 2-2.5 hour private consult with one of Dog Behaviour Specialists is $350 (additional dogs $100 each), which includes unlimited phone and email support afterwards. We can target anything you would like help with regarding owner coaching, behaviour modification and general training. In many cases this is all that is required for a significant shift in your dog’s behaviour and attitude, and for you to have the necessary skills and understanding to support lasting change.

To polish up any areas from your first consult, or if further/more advanced training is required, additional 60 min sessions are offered at $150. This way you can layer the training as you go, to create the dog and behaviour you want.

Please note: For more in-depth cases or deeper behavioural issues (eg anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, obsessions) please allow for at least one follow up consult.


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