“Learn To Speak Dog”


Awaken your inner Dog Whisperer. Connect and communicate with dogs in a way they naturally understand.



This unique workshop has been specifically designed to help you to understand, connect, communicate and be able to influence your dog at a deeper level, creating a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for both of you. If you are ready to go beyond the need to manipulate your dog with either treats, balls or fear and start to communicate in a more natural and respectful way, this workshop is for you.

Awaken Your Inner Dog Whisperer

Within each of us is the ability to communicate, connect and interact with our dogs in a more natural and effective way. This communication comes from our inner being. A place beyond thought and mind and the need for concepts or theories. It is an intuitive inner knowing and expression that comes from within. A dog whisperer communicates with dogs from this place.

By getting in touch with this part of ourselves around our dogs we can not only connect with our true selves we can start expressing our true power and ability to direct chi energy or prana. Our dogs understand this form of energetic communication because it is how they communicate with each other.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to enjoy and improve their relationship with their dog, and is looking for more than just the concept of ‘training’ their dog. Whether you have lost your confidence, feel frustrated, dis-empowered or disillusioned by current mainstream approaches and feel there must be a better way, or simply love the idea of having a wonderful holiday with your best friend, let us educate and empower you to get where you want to be.

You will learnĀ 

  • How to be someone your dog wants to follow off-leash and willingly co-operate with.
  • How to keep your dog calm in all situations.
  • To easily switch your dogs state of mind from active to passive.
  • What your dog means to you and what role you take on around them.
  • A more natural, effective and respectful way to coexist with your dog.
  • How to share affection and reward with connection rather than treats or toys and why your dog craves this.
  • How to use your intent and energy in a calm but powerful way to influence their behaviour.
  • How to expand, retract and project your energy field when communicating with your dog.
  • Hands on training and practical lifestyle techniques you can take home for the real world to use immediately.

Our first workshop will be held between Thursday16th and Sunday19th of August

The price of our 1 day workshop is $150

Please contact them personally if you would like to discuss booking a session with them.

For more information or to book please contact
Sitdropstay on 1300 306 887 or Email us at admin@sitdropstay.com.au

Retreat facilitator

George-dog-trainer-best-in-australia.jpgOur retreat facilitator is SitDropStay and Quantum Canine head trainer and founder George Lygidakis. George has been training dogs for over 30 years with enormous success. This is down to the unique dog whispering methods he has developed, that continue to have to incredible success with dogs of all ages and breeds. As a dog whisperer, George understands that it is the your energy or presence that allows your dog to stay calm, relaxed and co-operative. Communicating from this place removes the need for treats, force or medication.

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