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In-home, and private Dog Training Adelaide

Train your dog quickly and easily and involve the whole family! SitDropStay Dog Behaviour and Training Adelaide offers real world solutions that are surprisingly effective and simple to implement into your current lifestyle. Our professional and personal in-home and private consultations with our dog behaviour and training specialists will help you to have both a well-mannered dog and a more rewarding relationship with them – based on leadership, connection and natural communication.

We teach you how to communicate with and tune into your dog’s needs using a simple and natural Dog Whisperer based approach. Our goal is to empower and educate you in a way that is fun and respectful to both you and your dog. This leads to a deeper connections and a calm, happy dynamic in your home. You will be amazed at how quickly your dog will willingly co-operate with you when you understand how they see the world and what they need from you. Learn to speak dog with a SitDropStay Dog Behaviour specialist today.

Your local Adelaide dog training and behaviour specialists.

Your local trainers George and Emma have established themselves as experts in their field through years of experience combined with a keen interest in psychology and a deep affinity and love for dogs. Both are highly proficient in a wide range of dog behaviour modification and dog training methods. They have consistently and successfully dealt with and resolved all sorts of issues across all ages and breeds of dogs. Working as a team, they will find the best solutions for you and your beloved dog based on your individual needs, lifestyle and situation. Their goal is to empower and educate you to create the relationship and behaviour that you want from your dog so you can enjoy each other as much as possible.

Why in-home or private training?

We believe that private, lifestyle based dog training is the most effective and easiest way to establish a solid foundation of training and create the dog you want.

  • Faster results – 1 to 3 sessions are usually all we need.
  • Practice in real life situations not just in the class.
  • Sessions are tailored to you – we develop the right formula for your individual situation.
  • You are coached and educated not just your dog.
  • The whole family can be involved.

We have consistently found one-on-one personalised training in the home and your local environment gives superior results compared to group classes. It is your day to day contact and personal rituals that teach your dog what is expected of them. Whilst group classes are a great way to enrich or add to this foundation by offering additional stimulation through exercises and tricks, they are not designed or able to address behavioural issues or to educate and empower you as the owner.

How we work

After an introductory phone consultation, one of our experienced Adelaide based dog trainers will arrange to come out to your home, or other place that you choose, to conduct a personalised one on one session with you and your dog.

This initial two hour session will be tailored to your individual needs and the issues you are experiencing with your dog. Every family and dog is different so we work to find the right “formula” for your situation. It’s important for your trainer to find out about your lifestyle, the personalities in your family, the temperament of your dog and the behaviour you want your dog to have.

We will then come back for 1-2 follow-up consultations (if required) to see how you are and your dog are getting on. Addressing any areas that you may be struggling with and ensuring that you have all the tools you need to develop a well-balanced relationship with your dog.

We’re so sure that we can help whatever the problem and whatever the dog, that after 3 consults we offer a lifetime guarantee, including unlimited call outs, together with phone and email support for anything we have covered in your consultations.

  • Step 1: Phone consultation to find out your individual needs.
  • Step 2: Initial two hour personalised session at your home.
  • Step 3: A further 1-2 follow-up consultations as required.

Our trainers

In Adelaide we have George Lygidakis and Emma Tucker.

George Lygidakis

George has been training dogs for over 25 years with enormous success. This is down to the unique dog whispering methods he has developed, that continue to both evolve and have incredible success with dogs of all ages and breeds. As a dog whisperer, George understands that it is the your energy or presence that allows your dog to stay calm, relaxed and co-operative, removing the need for treats, force or medication.

Find out more about George

Emma Tucker.

Emma-Cairns-dog-trainer.jpgEmma has been obsessed with animals for as long as she can remember, discovering that she had a natural affinity and understanding of them from an early age. She believes in helping owners and dogs connect and understand each other and that dogs have as much to teach us, if we will listen, allowing us to be more aware of ourselves and reflecting our beliefs, energy, attitudes and emotions back to us. During consultations she focuses on giving dog owners the tools and skills required to be the very best guardians they can be.

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