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Dog Training at Home: Training Tips For Your Dogs


Dog training at home
delivers a lot of benefits to dogs, no matter how young or old they are. Dog ownership is truly worthwhile. Not only can you give move care and love, but you can also train your dog and create a strong bond with them.

For dogs who are indoors all the time, it’s important to teach them where they can and cannot go to the toilet. Toilet training is among the first things you need to teach your dog. Your dog also needs to go through obedience training so they can peacefully enjoy their time outdoors, at home, and with other dogs and people.

Remember that when you teach your dogs the right behaviour, it eliminates the stress as your furballs explore the world around them. A well-trained dog will not likely rush out of the door, fight with other dogs, or jump on your guests. Let’s take a look at some tips for training your dog at home.

Tips for Dog Training at Home

Look for “dog behaviourist near me” on Google and you’ll find plenty of options. But did you know that you can start training your beloved canines early? Puppies can start training around eight weeks old. By this time, they can already wear a collar and recognise the praises you give them.

Below are some quick tips for training your canine at home:

  • Basic commands can begin at 12 weeks. Most breeders will sell or give away puppies around 7 or 9 weeks old. Therefore, you can already start training your fur babies when you get them home.
  • Know that canines can only learn through the results of their behaviour. If the behaviour is rewarded with a delicious treat or a fun walk, then your pup will continue those manners. On the other hand, if no reward is given, it gives them no reason to behave correctly. For example, if they jump on you to catch your attention, you have to ignore them. This will help stop the behaviour.

Essential Commands for Dogs

Through our experience conducting in home dog training in Brisbane, we’ve found that the earlier your canine starts training, the better results you’ll get. Dog commands are the best way to handle existing and future behavioural problems.

The good news is that you can start teaching dog commands at home. Here are some basic yet effective commands for canines:

  • You can start with the easiest command, which is “sit”. A dog who can follow this command is calmer than those who do not know this simple command. “Sit” is also great preparation for the harder commands you and a dog trainer will be teaching.
  • Another command to teach is “come”. It is very useful, especially if you accidentally let go of a leach or leave your door wide open.
  • You can control your dog’s behaviour using the command “stay”. If you have visitors coming to your home or you are doing some chores, this is a great command to know.

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