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Dog Training Brisbane


Brett Males is a professional and experienced dog behaviour and training specialist. He can help you with any aspect owner coaching, behaviour modification/rehabilitation and general dog obedience training.  

Brett was actually incredible!!!- Makayla Rodriguez

SitDropStay Dog Training Brisbane

SitDropStay Dog Training offers in home and private dog behaviour and dog training consults throughout Brisbane. Our proven training methods are based on over thirty years of experience. Whether you’re after dog training, owner education or help with behavioural issues, we can help you. Our goal is to coach and support you to create the relationship and behaviour you expect from your dog. We will help you create a relationship that is based on mutual trust, respect and willing co-operation.

Bring Out The Best In Your Dog

Our goal is to help you create a well-behaved and happy dog. A dog who is a joy to live with and take out and about. We will coach you, not just your dog. Arming you with the lifelong skills you need to effectively communicate and interact with them in your daily lifestyle. Dogs have a different heirarchy of needs to us. It is therfore vital for owners to learn how they perceive the world. We need to know what they need from us and their enviroment to find peace. Once you understand how to make the necessary (often subtle) changes to your relationship, behaviour, energy and communication you can then shape your dog’s behaviour and the resulting experience.

Why We Get Better Results

SitDropStay offer a holistic, natural and self empowering approach to training. One that looks at the whole picture and the root cause of your dog’s behaviour and training issues. This includes the overall dynamic, existing family members, relationships, identifying sources of stress, enrichment, emotional states, their history and whatever else we notice that may be relevant.

We believe that understanding how to influence your dog’s state of mind is far more important than teaching mechanical actions like sit or drop. There is absolutely no point in having a dog that can do a heap of tricks if they are still anxious, worried, jealous or lacking self control. Your dog’s emotional state and your ability to lead and control the environment effectively must come first if training is then going to be of value. Both is needed of course, but one without the other or done in the wrong order is usually a waste of time and often even counter productive.


Brett was actually incredible!! I had 5 trainers before SitDropStay for my German Shepherd and Kelpie and nothing had changed. Within the first 20 min of Brett being at my home I could already see changes in my girls. He gave me all the tools I needed to have a harmonious and peaceful relationship with my doggos. Its been 4 days, there has been no barking, no disobedience and no stressful dog walks full of pulling and problems with other dogs. He is a life saver and Im so glad to have my chilled out home again.

Makayla Rodriguez – reviewed Sitdropstay Dog Training Brisbane

“Fantastic. Our 7 month old Blue Heeler X was a rescue girl with what we suspect is an abusive past. She was extremely shy of humans to the point she would run backwards and forwards down the back of the garden like a wild dog and wouldn’t come near when a stranger came over. Along comes Brett and he spent a couple of hours with us. He explained everything in a way that was logical and made perfect sense. We implemented his suggestions and our girl is doing so well. We’ve had so many comments about what a difference they’ve seen since Brett started working with her. Dog training and fixing problems isn’t that hard when it’s explained by someone who truly knows what they are talking about and also cares about the dogs. We’d recommend Brett to anyone without any hesitation.”

Kerry Loschiaco – reviewed Sitdropstay Dog training Brisbane

Dog Training Brisbane

Our Trainers Come To You

We offer a one-on-one service exclusively so we are able to tailor all coaching to your specific situation and lifestyle. We have found through years of experience and client feedback that teaching you and your dog how to behave in real life situations such as in and around your home/suburb/park will achieve faster and better results. It allow us to see what is actually going on, what triggers your dog in your daily life and what we need to change to improve your dog's behaviour.


Our Dog Behaviour And Dog Training Brisbane Specialist

Meet Brett Males


Brett Males has been surrounded by animals all his life, and was particularly drawn to dogs early on. He always felt that there was much more to the human-canine connection than what just what lay on the surface. Believing there to be a deep underlying energetic connection between our two species, he felt it was possible to gain a much deeper and more fulfilling relationship with them than what was often perceived.

After a chance meeting with SitDropStay founder George Lygidakis, he felt deep resonance with George’s philosophies. The spiritual and energetic connection between humans and dogs rang very true and he quickly decided to train with him as a dog behaviour specialist.

Brett is very proud to be part of the SitDropStay family and looks forward to helping you in the your search for a more natural, balanced and rewarding relationship with your dog.

“If you are struggling with a badly behaved pooch let me pass some of my knowledge and understanding on to you so you too can enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your dog.”


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