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Dog Training in Central Coast

SitDropStay Dog Training proudly offers in-home and private dog behaviour training, dog training and puppy training throughout the whole Central Coast region.. We use a holistic and highly effective approach that will help you create both a well behaved dog and a healthy relationship based on trust and respect. We can help your dog with behavioural issues like barking, jumping, aggression, anxiety, pulling or if you simply want to take your dog’s training to the next level. As a mobile dog training service, we also offer the added convenience and benefit of doing the dog training in your own home or any other place in public you are having issues.

What makes SitDropStay so different?

We offer lifestyle based training that is personalised to your specific needs. While group classes can be fun and a great outlet, they offer dog training that is largely irrelevent, impractical and not based on your day to day interactions with your dog in your environment.

After learning about your situation and needs, we will devise a training plan around your desired behavioural outcomes. We encourage family members or housemates to attend who have regular contact with the dog. This allows us to better understand the relationships within the family and how this affects the dog’s behaviour. 

Our expert dog trainer Linnea Olle will help you create the dog you have always wanted.

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Why Choose Sit Drop Stay for your Dog Behaviour Training Central Coast?

Traditional training methods rely on commands, rewards and punishment to evoke mechanical reactions. This is something that we completely stray away from in our proven training techniques. We know that it is out relationship with our dogs and our own behaviour around them that sets the foundation for achieving a deeper connection and willing cooperation.

Founder and Head Trainer at Sit Drop Stay, George Lygidakis, boasts over 25 years’ experience in training and rehabilitating dogs. As a former police dog handler, he understands better than anyone what can be achieved when you connect with a dog on an emotional and spiritual level.

George was astounded by the number of badly behaved dogs he would come across on a daily basis. So, he took it upon himself to create a training system that was simple, natural and holistic. Regardless of age or breed, his methods have proven incredibly effective.


Our Dog Trainers

Your SitDropStay Dog Training Central Coast trainer is Linnea Olle.


Linnea Olle.

Growing up in the beautiful farmlands of southern Sweden, Linnea has been surrounded by animals, mainly dogs and cats (and the odd moose) all her life. In 2003 Linnea adopted her current dog, Bella, from a local family when she was 18 months old. They developed an instant bond, however Bella exhibited some behavioural and socialisation issues both at home and in public.

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