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Dog Training Central Coast NSW by Sit Drop Stay

Are you searching for the best dog training Central Coast? Sit Drop Stay’s Dog Behaviour & Training boasts Australia’s leading team of dog obedience trainers and whisperers. We have proven time and time again our ability to rapidly change a dog’s behaviour and improve the dog/owner relationship. We know that dogs are like children to many families. So, like with humans, it is vital that we understand their personality differences. This includes everything from how they react to certain people, how they respond to different tones and reinforcement, and how their decisions and behaviours are largely ruled by their mindset.

We use a completely holistic approach for our dog training Central Coast. We help to create a relationship that works for you and your dog to enhance levels of mutual respect. No more using repetitive commands and positive reinforcement to solidify an action. Emotion and belief are absolutely key.

What makes our dog training Central Coast different?

While group classes offer an invaluable environment for socialisation, it is simply not one that is fit for learning. With so many distractions, it is unfair for humans to demand their dog’s full attention. Our dog training Central Coast service offers a completely one-on-one, tailored approach. Every dog is different, which is why we must give them the opportunity to learn differently.

After learning about your situation, we will devise a training plan around your desired behavioural outcomes. While we call it one-on-one, we encourage family members or housemates to attend who have regular contact with the dog. This allows us to better understand how the dog is naturally wired to respond to different characteristics.

Our expert trainers are able to communicate using your dog’s natural language, creating a harmonious relationship and instinctive willingness to cooperate. Coupled with the most advanced modern training techniques, our results are simply unrivalled.

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Our Dog Training Behaviour Process

Step 1.

We start out with an introductory phone consultation with our Central Coast based dog trainer, who will ask you some preliminary questions to find out what your individual needs are.

Step 2.

Our trainer will come out to your home, or other place of your choosing, to conduct an initial one on one session with you and your dog that is tailored to your specific needs. Taking into consideration your current lifestyle, who else is in the family, your dog’s temperament and the outcome that you want to achieve they will put together a formula that’s right just for you.

Step 3.

If further consultations are required we will come back and address any continuing issues and ensure that you have all the tools you need for a rewarding relationship with your dog based on loving leadership and true connection.

Why you should choose private dog training Central Coast

Our approach is centred around working smarter, not harder. This results in your dog maintaining a mindset that is engaged and eager to learn. Training in an environment that is familiar to your dog will also have far superior results. Thus, we encourage training in-home, or at a place outdoors that they are most familiar with.

With far less distractions, results from our dog training Central Coast can be noticed after just 1 session. Better still, one to three sessions in total is generally all we need!

While we achieve positive outcomes during the class, the onus is on you to provide ongoing, consistent training. Like people, dogs need time to adapt to change. That is why we take the time to educate you, so you know how to integrate the techniques into your dog’s everyday life.

Sit Drop Stay’s dog training Central Coast NSW is available throughout the whole Central Coast, including Gosford, Terrigal, Mardi, Morisset and Tuggerah. Fill out the form online or call 1300 306 887 today. Find out how we can help you to achieve a more rewarding relationship with your dog!