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In-Home And Private Dog Training

Lifestyle based dog training that is tailored to your individual needs.

Personalised Dog Training

In our experience personalised dog training in a dog’s home and regular environment gives consistent and considerably superior results compared to group classes. Your dog is an individual and so are you, and no two families are alike. There is no one-size fits all in dog training and this is why we only offer private consultations. Classes are great to offer your dog extra stimulation, fun and social enrichment, but if your dog doesn’t respect you or has no self control, these classes won’t be of much benefit at all, and can be stressful for both you and the dog. Relationships and attitude need to come first.

We believe it is your day to day contact and personal rituals that define the roles and relationship between you and your dog and teaches them what is expected of them. Your personal lifestyle and dynamics influence and shape your dog’s key behaviours so why train them away from these?

You are teaching your dog every moment you are with them, not just once a week at the local oval. For your dog to really benefit you should be able to incorporate dog training into your normal lifestyle. It makes sense that if the most time you spend with your dog is at home then this is where your training effort should be concentrated.

Dog Training That Really Works

Most modern dog training is ineffective, irrelevant and even counterproductive when it comes to having a calm and stable family dog. Its focus is often on teaching your dog to do what are really just ‘tricks’ to get a treat or toy. This inadvertently rewards excitable and demanding behaviour while at the same time encouraging you to be in an overexcited state when rewarding. This is not an ideal way to work with a family dog and clashes with natural dog psychology. Your dog wants calm, stable, loving energy from its leader, not over-excited and weak energy.

Whilst ‘positive only’ and treat based dog training is well meaning, it is a science/mental based approach that doesn’t acknowledge the deeper and more fulfilling communication and understanding that is possible between human and dog. Just as negative is the other extreme – being harsh or bullying your dog to comply – which creates mistrust and lacks empathy and understanding. Neither approach will earn you genuine trust and respect.

We teach you how to establish true leadership with your dog based on trust and connection. Whilst other approaches limit your connection to your dog to a mental one, we enable you to have the deeper emotional connection we are all longing for with our dogs.

A well-behaved dog should be able to:

  • Enter your home calmly and respectfully.
  • Understand boundaries within the home.
  • Go to it’s bed or mat and stay there when asked.
  • Stay away from guests until invited to approach calmly.
  • Be quiet when asked.
  • Not beg or demand anything from you.
  • Walk calmly by your side (not in front or pulling).
  • Not react to other dogs or people.
  • Not jump up on anyone.
  • Understand a free or play command.
  • Come back when called.
  • Not be aggressive to other dogs or people.
  • Be calm and quiet in your car.

Above all you should be able to influence your dogs behaviour and state of mind in all situations and they should always trust and respect you as their pack leader.

Why In-Home Dog Training?

  • Faster and personalised results.
  • Work smarter not harder to achieve dog obedience and correct behaviour.
  • Incorporate dog training into your lifestyle – practice in real life situations not just in the class.
  • Sessions are tailored to you – we develop the right formula for your individual situation.
  • You are coached and educated not just your dog.
  • The whole family can be involved.

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