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Try “The Pause”

If your dog isn’t listening to you there is one incredibly valuable and often overlooked tool in your canine communication tool belt… The Pause.
We often see humans repeating a command over and over and over again “at” their dog.. becoming more and more frustrated as they do. Sit, sit, sit, SIT!!!!! Is the dog responding? No. Has the dog heard you? Absolutely!

With hearing better than ours, we are certain pooch heard you the first time.. but why didn’t he or she respond? Consider one of the following:

– Did you believe your dog “won’t do it anyway”?
– Have you failed to follow through in the past?
– Was there frustration or emotion in your delivery?

All of the above will be perceived as weak in your dogs mind. Consistency and certainty are essential. Don’t ask if you’re not willing to make it happen.

In terms of emotion… you know that guy who walks into the bank and throws an irrational tantrum at the teller because he had to wait in line 5 minutes like everyone else? How much respect is he likely to be given by the staff and the customers… very little. Same goes for you communicating with your dog. Balanced, calm yet firm delivery of an instruction is all it takes. “You need to do this” instead of “can you pretty please darling” or even worse “do this nooowwww or else!!”
With those foundations built, you’ve proved to your dog that when you say something, it needs to happen. Deliver an instruction to your dog once, gently but firmly and believe he or she will do it.. then PAUSE!

Our pets read our body language and energy better than we are often aware of it. If you don’t believe in what you’re saying neither will your dog. Tell them what you need, mean it then offer them the chance to do it.

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