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Are you looking for Dog Training in Melbourne

Are you looking for Dog Training in Melbourne

SitDropStay Dog Training Melbourne is pleased to welcome our new trainer and dog whisperer, Rod Sinclair. Rod has recently completed extensive training with us and joins our very successful Melbourne dog training team of Anna Hopkins and Brett Males. He will be covering the Western side of Melbourne including Geelong.

Rod was specifically chosen by George to join our team of dog whisperers because of his natural affinity and love for dogs, and his ability to communicate with them on a deep level. We are confident he will have a profound effect on any dogs and their humans that he helps through our in-home and private dog training and dog behaviour system.

Whether you are having dog behaviour problems or just need dog training or a dog whisperer, please give us a call and let our Melbourne dog training team help you. We pride ourselves on helping dogs that are deemed un-trainable or difficult by other dog trainers and dog behaviourists. Our natural and calm dog whisperer approach is suitable for all puppies and dogs, regardless of their breed, problem or age.

SitDropStay Dog Behaviour and Training Melbourne are professionals in not only dog training, but also educating owners on how to establish trust, leadership and an understanding of dog psychology. This combined approach results in dogs who are calm, respectful, balanced and a pleasure to have around other dogs and humans.

Now let’s talk about what we do, how we’re different, and the benefits of dog training.

What We Do and How It’s Different?

At SitDropStay Dog Training Melbourne, we focus on teaching our clients to build lifelong bonds with their dogs, based on healthy relationships, connection and natural and compelling communication. This is achieved largely through body language, intention and direction of energy. Earning your dog’s trust and respect through leadership and a healthy relationship is the foundation for creating a calm, balanced, happy and well-behaved dog.

We offer a natural and respectful dog training approach that is recognised and responded to by your dog immediately. Most of the modern dog training methods widely used today are “science-based” (using treats or positive only approaches) and often creates a limited, mental only connection and communication. Unfortunately, this is resulting in an epidemic of hyperactive and demanding dogs. Science-based dog training has its place and can be very successful in some situations however it is not the natural language of dogs and nature and therefore will never be as effective or respectful. We encourage and enable you to develop the deeper connection and relationship that both you and your dog crave.

Benefits of Dog Behaviour Training

No matter what age you start dog training, sound foundation training provides the basis for any behaviour, activity, or job you want your dog to do. Our dog training will provide your dog with the essentials – good manners and an easy to live with the character that every dog owner wants – from remaining calm when guests arrive, walking pleasantly on a leash, understanding rules and boundaries, and responding to you when called.

Our dog training and dog behaviour consults provide Melbourne dog owners with the knowledge and skills to deal with typical dog behaviours such as jumping, biting, digging, barking, hyperactivity, chewing, separation anxiety, aggression, and toilet training.

Why we choose in-home dog training?
From years of experience, we find that one-on-one personalised in-home dog training in the dog’s own environment consistently gives superior results compared to group classes which is why we now offer this exclusively. Group puppy classes or dog obedience classes may offer valuable exposure to other dogs and people, but they are not relevant to your personal lifestyle needs, environment or your dog’s individual temperament. We believe these dog obedience classes are not equipped to give you adequate knowledge or to teach your dog how to behave at home, learn boundaries or build self-control, respect and trust.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne dog trainer or dog whisperer with years of experience and a unique training approach that delivers amazing results in 1-2 sessions, look no further than Sit Drop Stay Dog Training Melbourne. Give the team a call today! 1300 306 887



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