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Melbourne Dog Training School by Sit Drop Stay Dog Behaviour & Training

Our Melbourne dog training school is like no other. While many trainers and schools focus on teaching repetitive, mechanical actions, we delve much deeper than that. Sit Drop Stay’s dog whisperers and trainers utilise energy, body language and relationships to create long term behaviour changes. Our own behaviours as humans largely determine how our dogs respond. Like with children, if they are placed in a loud or erratic environment, they will generally respond with the same kind of behaviour. By creating a calm and mutually respectful environment, we can achieve a deeper connection on which a solid foundation for obedience can be built.

Our Melbourne dog training school really is more than just training. We use a natural approach to ensure you leave knowing how to effectively and lovingly communicate with your dog. Let us help you create the behaviour change you are longing to see.

The Power of One-On-One Education

Melbourne Dog Training School

Sit Drop Stay’s Melbourne dog training school is also unique in that it is always one-on-one. No class members, no distractions – just 100% attention on you and your dog for the entire session. We are big believers in lifestyle-based dog training. This means giving your dog a learning environment that is consistent with their everyday activities. Training doesn’t just occur once a week at the local park – it is something that must be seamlessly integrated with daily life in order to be truly successful.

Training methods that encourage the performance of tricks or mechanical movements are ineffective, and often even counterproductive. These techniques generally evoke demanding and overexcited behaviour that essentially leads to disobedience. Everyone wants a dog that is calm, loving, and stable. So, as owners, it is our responsibility to learn how to exercise this behaviour when teaching our dogs.

Our Melbourne Dog Training School Process

At Sit Drop Stay, we tailor our Melbourne dog training school classes to each individual dog & owner. After you make contact with us, we will arrange an introductory phone consultation. During this, one of our Melbourne-based dog trainers will ask you some preliminary questions to isolate your specific needs.

They will then arrange a time to come to your home, or a place that is familiar to you and your dog. Our trainer will plan a session that is designed around achieving your desired behaviour outcome. We will teach you the importance of psychology based learning, and show you techniques that you can easily integrate with your daily routine.

For more information about our Melbourne Dog Training School, call 1300 306 887. Alternatively, you can fill out a form on our website for a Melbourne based trainer to get in touch with you.



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