(5 months and over)

A 2-2.5 hour private consult with one of our Dog Behaviour Specialists is $350 ($100 for each additional dog). This includes unlimited phone and email support afterwards. We can either come to your home or meet you anywhere in public to target anything you would like help with regarding owner coaching, behaviour modification and general training. In many cases this is all that is required for a significant shift in your dog’s behaviour and attitude, and for you to have the necessary skills and understanding to support lasting change.

To polish up any areas from your first consult, or if further/more advanced training is required, additional 60 min sessions are offered at $150. This way you can layer the training as you go, to create the dog and behaviour you want.

Please note: For more in-depth cases or deeper behavioural issues (eg anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, obsessions) please allow for at least one follow up consult.


(2-5 months)

We recommend you start building a healthy foundation with a our 2 hour home-based private consult. This consult, for an investment of $290 (for puppies 2-5 months), includes lifestyle guidance, basic dog psychology, toilet training, diet, how to correct unwanted behaviour and reward good behaviour, socializing, how to create boundaries/limitations, enforce rules, how to introduce your puppy to other dogs and people, and how to earn your puppy’s trust and respect. This is the foundation of creating a balanced and healthy relationship and helps to raise a calm, balanced, happy and well behaved dog.

We then offer follow-up 1 hour consults as your pup gets older. These follow up consults are each charged at $150, and are for more specific training (walking calmly on lead without pulling/recall/off lead training/greeting guests calmly etc) and any behaviour problems your pup develops with maturity, and are as required, with no specific time frame. We can then target anything you want to improve or address more specifically. This way you can design your own training package as you go.


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