• Quantum Canine Presents

“Awaken Your Inner Dog Whisperer”

One Day Workshop 

Sunday 27th June 2021 at Mt Pleasant S.A

We are all born with an inate, natural ability to communicate, connect and interact with each other and with nature. This inner knowing and expression is within you already and just needs to be awakened. This workshop is for those of you who desire to experience and communicate with their dogs from a deeper, more empowered and authentic place. 



Within each of us is a consciousness much wiser than the intellect. A consciousness that is in a state of awareness (presence) and does not perceive separation from other beings. When we experience through this part of ourselves we gain inner strength and clarity and we function intuitively rather than mentally. We respond effortlessly and spontaneously in any situation with a knowing that is beyond the intellectual mind and scientific theories. This is our true nature, beyond the mind. From here we can respond to our environment and relationships from a wiser, more connected and innocent place. This is where nature interacts and communicates from. All dogs effortlessly understand this form of energetic communication as it is how they communicate with each other.

If you are looking for a major shift in both you and your dog, come along together to a truly unique transformational weekend workshop on our beautiful property in the Barossa Valley. We will look at training and dog behaviour from a more spiritual/holistic perspective and look at how we are able to communicate in a more natural and effective way. By staying in our true inner nature, expressing our own inner power, and forming healthy relationship based on true love and connection, we create trust, respect and a willing co-operation from our dog.

A well trained dog does not mean a well behaved or well adjusted dog!! “Training” your dog is only a small part of the bigger picture. Get ready to throw away your chains, treats and clickers (a shallow form of communication) and embrace a new language based on love, energy, mindfulness, intent, body language and leadership. 

Just because your dog knows how to sit or drop doesn’t make them balanced or enjoyable to co-exist with. The happiest and most well-adjusted dogs we meet are the ones who have achieved a healthy relationship with their owners above all else – they are not necessarily the most “highly trained” ones.  They co-exist in a secure, loving environment with clearly defined boundaries and established mutual trust and respect.

You will learn 

  • How to communicate with your dog naturally and intuitively.
  • To improve your relationship with your dog and create a deeper connection.
  • To create a natural attraction towards you rather manipulate their attention.
  • Understand the law of attraction and how it relates to you and your dogs.

  • How to create a dog that intrinsically wants to contribute to the overall wellbeing of the pack, not feel like they are doing it for the transaction.

  • Why dogs treat us exactly the way we unconsciously treat ourselves.

  • How your dog mirrors your own behaviour and unexpressed emotions and beliefs.

  • How to easily motivate your dog to walk calmly and willingly by your side.

  • How to easily make your dog follow you everywhere off leash. 

  • How to make your dog come back to you in all situations.

  • To create both personal and environmental boundaries, give direction and dissagree with unwanted behaviour using your inner power rather than treats. 

  • To be with your dog without labels, concepts and theories.

  • What your dog craves in a leader and how to demonstrate these qualities in your daily life.

  • That if they don’t trust or respect you enough to take control of new situations, they will.

  • Why using treats and toys and training in drive can be counter productive.

  • How to influence and change your dog’s state of mind.

  • How to reward with connection and genuine approval rather than treats.

  • How just “being” with your dog in a state of stillness is the greatest gift you can give them.

  • Hands on training and practical lifestyle techniques you can take home for the real world to use immediately.

Our first workshop will be held on Sunday 11th April 2021 at our 30 acre property at Mt Pleasant S.A.

The price of our 1 day workshop is $180

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About Quantum Canine

Quantum canine was born out of George Lygidakis’s own evolution through life both as a police dog handler, trainer and later as dog behaviour specialist for over 30 years. It reflects his own personal growth, spiritual evolution and realisations through life. As a trainer he was always dissatisfied with the concept of “training” a dog. The idea of manipulating a dog with treats or punishment to perform unnatural behaviour no longer sat right with him. While he was one of the first people to introduce treat based training to Australia, something didn’t sit right about it. It seemed a very limited or shallow conversation. He yearned for a more or natural and authentic approach that was empowering but not based on dominance. One that created an authentic cooperation between dog and human.

His discoveries and realizations have led him down a path that combine his spiritual evolution with his many years as a dog behaviour specialist. Quantum Canine allows George express this side of himself and to share his knowledge with anyone that is drawn to it.

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