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The SitDropStay Difference

Dog obedience training with a difference

We have entered a new and exciting era of dog training. We no longer need to teach dog obedience through exercises and tricks, we can now truly understand the minds and needs of dogs. It’s time to communicate and interact with our dogs in a way they truly understand at a deep and instinctive level.

While food, balls, toys, clickers, chokers, halties, prong and electric collars are all being used with some success around the world for dog obedience and training, however they do not calm or stabilise a dog’s mind. Too many dogs are highly “trained” but are still anxious, hyperactive, aggressive, dominant, unstable or shut down. Our Head Trainer and professional dog whisperer, George Lygidakis, felt it was time we asked why? There was a great need to find balance and so the Sit Drop Stay system was founded.

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What We Do?

We build relationships

George’s journey as a dog trainer led him to realise that it is our relationships with our dogs that are the foundation of achieving willing co-operation. He also realised the importance of connecting with their hearts and minds. The way we communicate, behave, our belief systems and emotional energy all determine our success in creating consistently happy, calm and co-operative dogs. Being centred and in touch with our own inner power gives us the ability to influence our dogs at a deeper and more profound level than simply teaching a dog’s mind ‘tricks’.

It is this understanding, coupled with the latest and most advanced dog training methods, that is the focus of SitDropStay’s unique dog obedience training system, and the reason we are achieving the results we are.


Our Approach

We come to you.

We believe in-home dog training is the most effective and easiest way to establish a solid foundation of training and create the dog you want – one you will enjoy being with both at home and out and about.

We teach your dog life skills.

As with children, establishing important concepts like trust, respect, self control, self responsibility, problem solving and an understanding of boundaries, rules and consequences are vital if we want our dogs to develop into balanced, likable members of society. We give your dog a solid foundation and teach life skills first. As a horse trainer once told me, “the wider the foundation, the higher the peak.”

The whole family gets to be involved.

Dogs in packs basically live and think as one unit. For maximum effectiveness, everyone needs to be on the same page. We encourage everyone in your family to be involved with the training and educating. Rules and boundaries only work if they are consistent and firmly adhered to by everyone in charge. It’s also a lot more fun!

Tailored sessions.

Every family and dog is different so we work to find the right “formula” for your individual situation. It’s important for your trainer to find out about your lifestyle, the personalities in your family, the temperament of your dog(s) and the behaviour and habits you want your dog to have. Dogs, like us, have a basic hierarchy of needs and depending on your lifestyle, these will have to be adjusted to keep your dog happy and balanced. Some dogs will need extra mental stimulation, some dogs need extra social contact. We look at the overall picture and recommend strategies that address things at a foundational level.

We use real life situations.

Our sessions cover your dog’s behaviour at home as well as outings that you and your family would normally do – such as going to the beach, the local park, visiting family and friends, cafes, or walking around your local area. This is where you will encounter variables and unknowns, such as new people, situations, dogs, smells and noises; which can make your dog feel defensive or vulnerable. Your trainer will observe you with your dog when you are engaged in your normal everyday activities and give you the confidence and skills that ensure your dog will be well behaved in any situation.

We coach you, not just your dog.

Dog obedience requires a well educated and empowered owner. Our trainers will help you develop qualities and behaviours that mean your dog will want to co-operate with you, and not just because you are holding a handful of treats! Dogs are a reflection of their environment and the messages they are receiving. We show you how to improve your communication skills, how to respond rather than react – it’s not just about the dog.


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