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Dog Behaviour Training Brisbane by Sit Drop Stay

Our dog behaviour training Brisbane is like no other in Australia. Sit Drop Stay exclusively offer private, one-on-one dog obedience training, and the best part is, we come to you! Our team have been especially selected based on their philosophies and beliefs around how dogs should be treated and trained. Sit Drop Stay’s methods are incredibly unique, but the results are simply unrivalled. Rather than relying on commands to evoke a mechanical reaction, we delve much deeper than that. We believe there to be a deep underlying energetic connection between dog and owner. So, through our experience, we teach owners how to foster a more fulfilling relationship with their dog.

Successful relationships between people are all built on communication, trust and mutual respect. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the same can be said for relationships between humans and dogs. Keep reading to learn more.

What You Can Expect


There are so many benefits of our dog training service. However, the key ones are:

  • Faster results – with between 1 & 3 sessions generally all we need to evoke a long term behaviour change
  • Lifetime support – if 3 sessions are required, you will gain access to ongoing phone and email support with your trainer
  • Tailored sessions – we take the time at the start to learn about your situation, so we can tailor the session towards combating specific behavioural problems
  • Family involvement – although labelled one-on-one, we invite all family members to participate in the session

Like with children, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a dog’s learning. It is crucial that we respect their needs, and devise an approach that suits their abilities.

Brett is our Brisbane based dog trainer. He is passionate about searching for a more natural, balanced and rewarding relationship between dog and owner.

If you are struggling with a badly behaved pooch, speak to us today about our dog behaviour training Brisbane. Call 1300 306 887, or submit a contact form via our website! Sit Drop Stay exist to help you and your dog achieve a fulfilling, loving relationship.

Why Choose Sit Drop Stay for your Dog Behaviour Training Brisbane?

Our dog behaviour training Brisbane techniques will help you achieve a level of obedience in your dog that you never thought possible. We teach owners how to connect with their dog through their heart and mind. Even the subtlest of changes can have an extremely powerful impact.

Our dog behaviour training Brisbane will come to you. This is not only convenient, but has a massive impact on results. Teaching your dog in an environment that they are familiar with will help them maintain engagement. This not only helps them to learn faster, but makes it much easier to maintain training beyond the session!

Where group classes offer a fantastic environment for socialisation, the over-stimulation does not assist in learning behaviours and skills. Our methods are structured around creating calm and cooperative dogs, with the goal of achieving long-term results. This is guaranteed to benefit both dog and owner.



Our Dog Training Behaviour Process

We start out with an introductory phone consultation with our Melbourne-based dog trainers, who will ask you some preliminary questions to find out what your individual needs are.

Our trainer will come out to your home, or other place of your choosing, to conduct an initial one on one session with you and your dog that is tailored to your specific needs. Taking into consideration your current lifestyle, who else is in the family, your dog’s temperament and the outcome that you want to achieve they will put together a formula that’s right just for you.

If further consultations are required we will come back and address any continuing issues and ensure that you have all the tools you need for a rewarding relationship with your dog based on loving leadership and true connection.


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