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Dog Behaviour Training

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Dog Behaviour Training Adelaide by SitDropStay

You’re likely looking for a dog behaviour training Adelaide service because the traditional methods simply aren’t working for you. Disobedient, aggressive or badly behaved dogs can put serious strain on families, not to mention your relationship with your dog.

Adelaide-based Head Trainer and Founder of SitDropStay, George Lygidakis, has over 30 years’ experience training and rehabilitating dogs. Previously a police dog handler, he has seen first-hand the importance of teaching through psychology. This is a great contrast to the traditionally taught methods of command and reward to spark a physical behavioural change. George created SitDropStay to offer an advanced, holistic, and alternative approach to dog behaviour training Adelaide.

SitDropStay’s dog training methods deliver incredible results for all dogs, regardless of age or breed. We guarantee that you will be absolutely blown away by the rapid and significant change in your dog.

Guaranteed Results of our Dog Behaviour Training Adelaide


One-on-one training successfully increases your dog’s level of engagement. Thus, results are seen after just one session, with 1-3 sessions generally all that is needed. Training in an environment that your dog is familiar with, such as your backyard or local park, will also make maintaining and integrating a training schedule with your daily life much more realistic.

Sessions are tailored to you and your situation based on our initial phone consultation. While our services are labelled as ‘one-on-one’, you are welcome to include people who have daily interactions with your dog. It is important for us to see how the dog responds to different personalities and energies so we can isolate the most effective methods to achieve long term outcomes.

Your first consultation will run for 2 hours, with follow up sessions booked if required. If 3 sessions are required, you will receive lifetime phone and email support, guaranteed.

For more information about our dog behaviour training Adelaide service, call 1300 306 887 today. Alternatively, submit a form via our website to receive a call back from one of our Adelaide-based trainers.

Why Choose SitDropStay for your Dog Behaviour Training Adelaide?

Our dog behaviour training Adelaide methods are centred around providing owners with control, while also showing the dog respect. Sit Drop Stay’s specialist team of trainers and dog whisperers will teach you and your dog through body language, energy and connection.

Like children, all dogs learn in their own way, and at their own pace. That’s why we exclusively offer private, one-on-one in person or online training sessions. This allows us to get to know you and your dog, and address the specific behavioural changes you are longing to see.

We go far beyond teaching mechanical actions. Our experience has shown us that long-term behavioural changes can only be achieved through proper communication and mutual engagement. Our dog behaviour training Adelaide team will educate and empower you to create the relationship and behaviour you want and expect from your dog.


Our Dog Training Behaviour Process

We start out with an introductory phone consultation with our Melbourne-based dog trainers, who will ask you some preliminary questions to find out what your individual needs are.

Our trainer will come out to your home, or other place of your choosing, to conduct an initial one on one session with you and your dog that is tailored to your specific needs. Taking into consideration your current lifestyle, who else is in the family, your dog’s temperament and the outcome that you want to achieve they will put together a formula that’s right just for you.

If further consultations are required we will come back and address any continuing issues and ensure that you have all the tools you need for a rewarding relationship with your dog based on loving leadership and true connection.


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