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Mobile Dog Training Brisbane

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Mobile Dog Training Brisbane

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Mobile Dog Training Brisbane by Sit Drop Stay Dog Behaviour & Training

Sit Drop Stay’s mobile dog training Brisbane service is like no other in Australia. We exclusively offer one-on-one private in-home or online behaviour and obedience classes. While group classes are a fantastic socialising environment for dogs, it is not a setting suitable for teaching behaviours and improving obedience. Our trainers and dog whispers will tailor a training session around your specific needs. This allows us to address areas of concern that are putting strain on your relationship with your dog.

Whether you have just bought a puppy, or have adopted an adult dog, we will help you reach a level of obedience with them that you never thought was possible. Our training methods are centred around emotional connection and mindset. Let us teach you the importance of mutual respect and proper communication with your dog.

The Benefits of Private Training


Private training comes with a vast range of benefits. As previously mentioned, group classes are not a suitable environment for learning. Thus, the obvious benefit is the higher level of engagement achieved in a one-on-one setting.

We also come to you with our mobile dog training Brisbane, which is not only convenient, but assists in the training process! Teaching your dog in an environment that it is familiar with will eliminate any new distractions. This again makes for a more engaged dog, which also results in faster learning! It is not unusual for us to see drastic behaviour changes after just one session.

Completing the training in your home or local park will also make sustaining new methods much easier. As you incorporate techniques into your everyday life, you are guaranteed to grow and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Sit Drop Stay’s mobile dog training Brisbane service is available in Brisbane and surrounding areas, as well as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Get in touch with our friendly team today to take the next step towards a healthier relationship with your dog.

You can always teach an old dog new behaviours

Notice how we didn’t refer to teaching ‘tricks’? Our mobile dog training Brisbane is all about teaching long-term behaviour changes that can be sustained well after your session. Where traditional training methods rely on commands and rewards to achieve an immediate action, we delve much deeper than that. We work to teach you how to communicate with your dog based on their state of mind, which will ultimately set the foundation for ongoing success. It’s not about achieving a once-off action – it’s all about leveraging off their feelings to create a calmer and more cooperative dog.

Our Brisbane based trainers will arm you with the skills you’ll need to achieve ongoing success. While our sessions are labelled one-on-one, we encourage family members to also get involved. This allows us to see how the dog reacts differently to individual personalities.



Our Dog Training Behaviour Process

We start out with an introductory phone consultation with our Central Coast based dog trainer, who will ask you some preliminary questions to find out what your individual needs are.

Our trainer will come out to your home, or other place of your choosing, to conduct an initial one on one session with you and your dog that is tailored to your specific needs. Taking into consideration your current lifestyle, who else is in the family, your dog’s temperament and the outcome that you want to achieve they will put together a formula that’s right just for you.

If further consultations are required we will come back and address any continuing issues and ensure that you have all the tools you need for a rewarding relationship with your dog based on loving leadership and true connection.


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